Messages: To keep people up-to-date
on the mission and work of the Guild as we gather information to further Mattie’s Cause of Canonization, the Directors will be sharing regular “Messages from the Guild.” Some of these messages will be reflections or information on timely topics, including spiritual activities, events, prayers, and other relevant news relevant.

Other messages will explore a particular poem, passage, or prayer offered by Mattie. We also invite and encourage global neighbors to ask questions, to suggest topics for the Guild to explore and to share personal reflections on Mattie’s life and message and Cause of Canonization. We will also occasionally repost or share updates and links to older news
and information, such as past interviews, videos, and other events.

Activities: To support global neighbors
in exploring, embracing, and expanding on “Heartsongs” and the messages Mattie shared, we will be offering “Seasonal Theme” suggestions. The themes will be relevant to seasonal, holiday, or newsworthy items and events. Each theme will be rooted in a poem, passage, and/or prayer shaped by Mattie. Through the year, “Reflect, Respond, and Reach Out” conversation and activities tips will be provided in sections specifically created for children, families, educators, parishioners, community leaders, and other global neighbors.

Messages & Activities

On this page, visitors will find
information about and links to:
— Messages from the Guild
— Seasonal themes and suggested activities
— Your reflections and responses
— Archived media and materials

The messages shared by the Guild Directors
will be added with the newest at the top.

We welcome reflections and responses
to these messages from children and adults,
and we invite suggestions and questions for
the Guild Directors to consider in these messages.
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The seasonal themes exploring Mattie’s messages 
will include suggested conversation and activity tips
to support children, adults, educators, families, and groups
as they “Reflect, Respond, & Reach Out” on the theme.

We welcome feedback from children, adults, schools, educators,
places of worship, and other communities exploring the themes,
and we invite samples of artwork, poetry, prayers, photos,
and other representations of conversations and activities.
which may be posted to this website in a special section.
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Current Messages from the Guild —


Past Messages from the Guild —


Current Seasaonal Theme & Tips  —


   Message & Prayer:
Mattie’s celebration of “love” and purpose
   RRR Tips:
Mattie’s “Psalm for Martin” poem & more

Love / February 2019 Theme Message  —
Offered by Jeni Stepanek, PhD (“Mattie’s mom”)
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Love / February 2019 Reflect, Respond, Reach Out Tips — 
Conversation and Activity Suggestions
for youth and adults, families and communities
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  combined double-sided theme page 
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