About The Guild

Mattie J T Stepanek with Father Dillon

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild was initiated on September 21, 2012 — the Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle and the International Day of Peace.

The mission of the Guild is to gather, organize, and share information and testimony about the life, virtues, writings, ministry, and inspiration of the late teen poet and peace ambassador Mattie J.T. Stepanek to advance his possible Cause of Canonization in the Catholic Church.

The vision of Mattie’s Guild is that through formal recognition by the Church, Mattie will be granted the opportunity to serve as a more recognizable and visible source of inspiration and intercession for youth, families, leaders, and communities seeking faith, hope, peace, and purpose for generations to come.

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Mattie, who lived with great suffering and financial need, wanted to live according to the Gospel and God’s teachings. His life, his story, his ministry endures.

Mattie wanted to have a profound relationship with God since he was very young. Mattie believed that his purpose was to be a ‘messenger’ – shaping with words what God placed in his heart for the good of our world.

Just as God formed us, Mattie said that God gave us each a Heartsong, a purpose – our reason for being. Mattie had many Heartsongs; fundamental to them was his Heartsong of Faith.

Spread Heartsongs for Mattie; and let us together continue Mattie’s ministry witnessing to the Gospel and ensuring that every one of us realizes his or her Heartsong, that we each have been put on this earth with a purpose.

Officers and Guild Directors

Kathy Dempsey, President
Margaret Kolm, Vice President
Jenn Lynn, Historian
Anthony Bosnick
Mary Donovan
Caitlin Keeton, MEd
Cheryl Kerwin
Lorene Moutanabbih
Kevin Reilly
Kathleen Songer
Vincent Spadoni

Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Chris Seith

Founding Directors

Eileen Donovan
Mary & Ed Donovan
Maura Donovan
Margaret & Richard B. Kolm
Ron Kuley
Chris Lewis
Terrence Sheehan, MD

Rest in Peace

Fr. James Isidore Dixon
Mary Lou Smith

Advisors and Honorary Supporters

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter
Chris Cuomo, JD
Mary Pat Donoghue
Fr. Dominic Eshikena
Fr. Agustin Mateo Ayala
Fr. Maurice Nutt, CSsR
Timothy Shriver, PhD
Jane Frances Crisman Stack

Guild Founder

Raymond Arroyo

Mattie’s Mom

Jeni Stepanek, PhD