This page offers information on:

 — the process of Canonization,

— on how global neighbors can support the effort

— and on the Guild (history and mission and membership)


This information (membership & materials) is still being created.

Thank you for your patience as we move forthward on this journey.



The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 81-1658911).
Donors may deduct contributions that support our mission under IRC Section 170.

Tax-deductible checks may be mailed to: 

   Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild
     ATTN: Donation for Cause
     PO Box 674
     Kensington, MD 20895


Online donations may be made here… 

Sharing Your Reflections



If you knew Mattie in person,
If you knew of Mattie from appearances or books,
If you are just learning about Mattie now,
And Mattie has touched you and your life
in a specific way — we welcome your statement.


You may share your reflections about
Mattie’s life, message, or heroic virtues
using the Contact Form below, or you
may send a written or typed letter.  


    Simple “How to Share”
    YOUR Mattie Reflections

         and Statements of Support for
         Mattie’s Cause of Canonization here…  




Formal reflections and statements need to be
notarized, and mailed in a sealed envelop to:

     Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild
     ATTN: Reflection for Cause
     PO Box 674
     Kensington, MD 20895

e-mail to —


Postulator for Mattie’s Cause




     The Guild is prayerfully discerning this role,
     and seeking a postulator for Mattie’s Cause.




Guild Founder 


     Raymond Arroyo – Initiated Guild in 2012
      New Orleans, LA & Washington, DC
       NY Times Bestselling Author
       Journalist & Producer
       Host – EWTN’s The World Over 


Guild Leadership 2020 

    Kathy Dempsey  President
         (director since 2018, president since 2019)
         Silver Spring, MD
         Former Assistant Director of Communications
         Archdiocese of Washington, DC

    Jenn Lynn  Treasurer
         (director since 2018, president since 2019)
         Germantown, MD
         Founder – Empowering Autism Caregivers, LLC
         Executive Director – Upcounty Community Resources, Inc.


Founding Directors 

     Eileen Donovan – Guild Founder, 2012
      Somerville, MA
       Intern – Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate
     Maura Donovan– Guild Founder, 2012
       Washington, DC
        Environmental Science & Energy Sustainability
     Margaret Kolm – Guild Founder, 2012
       Kensington, MD
         Development & Communications Associate
         Potomac Community Resources
         Retired, Coordinator –ADW Special Needs Ministries
         Archdiocese of Washington, DC
     Richard B. Kolm –Guild Founder, 2012
        Kensington, MD
         Electrical Engineering & Computer Software
     Ron Kuley –Guild Founder, 2012
        Fairfax, VA
         International Association of Fire Fighters
     Chris Lewis – Guild Founder, 2012
        Henderson, NV
         4th Degree Knight of Columbus
         MDA National Vice President
         President & CEO – American Wheelchair Mission
     Dr. Terrence Sheehan, MD – Guild Founder, 2012
        Rockville, MD
          Chief Medical Officer –
          Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland  


Additional Directors

     Doreen Engel, MA – since 2018
        Providence, RI
         Theology Teacher & Inclusion Advocate
         Coach & Professional Development for Catholic Schools
         Former Principal, Assistant Superintendent, &
             Director for Special Education,
             Archdiocese of Washington, DC


      Cheryl Ann Kerwin – since 2015
         Upper Marlboro — 
     Caitlin Ogelsby, MEd – since 2018
        Winthrop, MA
          Principal – St. Agnes School, Arlington, MA
          Former Principal –
             Little Flower School, Great Mills, MD


     Vincent Spadoni
        Washington, DC
        Executive Director, Consortium of Catholic Academies
        Former Principal – St. Elizabeth’s School, Rockville, MD


     Dr. Jeni Stepanek, PhD– since 2018
        Rockville, MD
         Senior Faculty, Education, & TA Specialist
             Special Education Department &
             Maryland & DC Deafblind Project
                University of Maryland, College Park
         CEO & Chief Peace Officer
                Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation


Honorary Supporters & Advisors

     Anthony Bosnick – since 2018
        Derwood, MD
          Social Concerns Minister – St. Francis of Assisi
     Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter – since 2012
        Plains, GA
          Former US President & First Lady
          Authors, Advocates, Humanitarians
          Recipient – Nobel Peace Prize 2002
     Chris Cuomo – since 2012
        New York, NY
          Emmy Award-Winning Journalist
          Host – CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time
     Fr. James Isidore Dixon– since 2012
       Hyattsville, MD (St. Jerome’s Parish)
          Retired – Pastor, Most Holy Rosary
              Upper Marlboro, MD
          Chaplain – Armed Forces Retirement Home
             Washington, DC
     Fr. Dominic Eshikena – since 2012
        Rome, Italy
          Former Chaplain – Children’s National Medical Center
             Washington, DC
     Robert “Bubba Bert” Mentrasti – 2012-2017
       Greenburgh, NY
          (Deceased) – Firefighter & Advocate
     Dr. Timothy Shriver, PhD– since 2018
        Montgomery County, MD
          Chair – Special Olympics
     Mary Lou Smith– since 2012
        Selbyville, DE
          Spiritual Support, Lay Minister, Prayer Warrior
          Godmother to Jeni Stepanek (Mattie’s mom)
     Jane Frances Crisman Stack – since 2012
        Greenbelt, MD
           Paraprofessional – St. Mary of the Mills School 


Guild Committee Members

Rose & Mark Barondess – Annapolis, MD – since 2015
Barbara Cleary
 – Duxbury, MA – since 2018
Eric Cole – Kensington, MD – since 2018
Teresa Ann Crisman – Greenbelt, MD – since 2012
Amanda Crisman Cubbage – Greenbelt, MD – since 2012
Jimmy Danyko & Family – Greenburgh, NY – since 2012
Dr. Ed Donovan, PhD – Upper Marlboro, MD – since 2012
Mary E. Donovan – Upper Marlboro, MD – since 2012
Charlie Fenimore – Weed, CA – since 2018
Jannirose Fenimore – Weed, CA – since 2018
Mary Flynn – LaPlata, MD – since 2018
Joseph “Doc” Golusinski – Yonkers, NY – since 2012
Joe Grotenrath – Somerspoint, NJ – since 2018
James “JJ” Jackson – Ontario, Canada – since 2012
Eugene Malone, IV – Greenburgh, MD – since 2012
Robert MacKinnon & family – PEI, Canada – since 2018
Lorene Moutanibbah & family – Maryland – since 2015
Ryan Mullen – Arlington, VA – since 2015
Stephanie O’Bryon – Wesley Chapel, FL – since 2018
Terry Orzechowski – Beltsville, MD – since 2018
Josephine Palermino – Silver Spring, MD – since 2018
Kathy & Tom Phelps – Derwood, MD – since 2018
Paul, Jamie, & Lina Popernack – Gaithersburg, MD – since 2015
Kevin Reilly – Lothian, MD — since 2012
Alba Romero – Sylmar, CA – since 2018
Jimmy Stack – Greenbelt, MD – since 2012
Kenny Stack, Jr. – Greenbelt, MD – since 2012
Kenny Stack, III – Dallas, TX – since 2012
Tommy Stack – Greenbelt, MD – since 2012
Kim & Joey Talbot – Columbia, MD – since 2018
Annie Tresca – Jersey City, NJ – since 2012
Diane & Sal Tresca – Providence, RI – since 2012
Laura Tresca – Providence, RI – since 2012
Lilleen Walters
– Washington, DC – since 2018
Veronica Wheeler – Providence, RI – since 2012
Sue Vandenberg Wise – Spotsylvania, VA – since 2018
Gina Witt & family – Rockville, MD – since 2015 


Guild Members 

     This section coming soon…



















Understanding the difference:
“Mattie’s GUILD” and

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek GUILD

  • is a (soon to be) non-profit organization with a spiritual mission
  • of gathering information, materials, and reflections by and about Mattie
  • to advance his Cause of Canonization (possible sainthood)
  • so that his heroic virtues might be formally recognized by the Catholic Church
  • enabling him to serve as a more visible source of inspiration and intercession for generations to come.
  • To learn more about the Guild Founders, Directors, Advisors, and Members — CLICK HERE…
  • To learn more about Mattie’s Cause
    — explore the Guild’s website here…

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek FOUNDATION

  • is a different non-profit organization with a global mission
  • of sharing Mattie’s messages of Heartsongs and purpose
  • to ensure that the pathways of hope and peace that Mattie offered are available and accessible to global neighbors
  • through activities, events, materials, and programs created to support diverse global neighbors in
  • recognizing the importance of tending to basic human needs and building community and in
  • understanding how the power of deliberate choices in attitude and action can move peace from “possibility to reality” for individuals and for our world.
  • To learn more about Mattie’s peace message
    — explore the Foundation’s website here…