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Mattie J.T. Stepanek

July 17, 1990 – June 22, 2004

Message from Mattie

“One day, for all to know, our legacy will simply be the shape of the life we leave behind, for eternity…

We are created by God – with purpose – in God’s image. God is all-goodness. God is great. God is love.

We, then, are created with purpose – to be good and great and love.

Let us remember this, and move forthward knowing and believing and living this truth, as we shape our lives and our legacies, and our eternity with God.”

– Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Mattie J T Stepanek 17 Anniversary Memorial Mass

Join Mattie’s Guild in celebrating Mattie’s YES to God with a Memorial Mass marking the 17th anniversary of Mattie’s death.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 4:00 pm EDT
St. Bartholomew Catholic Church  |  6900 River Road, Bethesda
The Mass will be live streamed via YouTube  |

Download the program booklet.

We are thrilled to be back with an in-person Mass this year – and we are excited to retain our virtual accessibility for those who live far away or cannot attend in person. 

Our homilist this year is Msgr. John Enzler, in residence at St. Bartholomew’s and President and CEO of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington. If you know Father John, you know that he is a great example of YES. And Father John played a big part in Mattie’s story. 

Mattie’s Mom, Jeni, was being advised by doctors and others to terminate her pregnancy since disability was likely for the baby. Father John, her parish pastor at the time, gave Jeni prayerful strength as she followed her heart with a YES to God, and embraced faith and the gift of this unborn child who would be named Matthew, and known as Mattie.

Prayers of Petition & Thanks for Mattie’s Memorial Mass

Let us unite in prayer — Offer your prayer intention and thanks

The prayers and praise will be brought up with the Gifts during Mattie’s Mass and will be blessed

 Send us your prayer and we will print it out and place it in the basket
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About Mattie’s Guild

The mission of the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild is to gather, organize, and share information and testimony about the life, virtues, writings, ministry, and inspiration of the late teen poet and peace ambassador, Mattie J.T. Stepanek to advance his possible Cause of Canonization in the Catholic Church.

The vision is of Mattie’s Guild is that through formal recognition by the Church, Mattie will be granted the opportunity serve as a more recognizable and visible source of inspiration and intercession for youth, families, leaders, and communities seeking hope, peace, and purpose for generations to come.

The Directors and members of Mattie’s Guild value the support of all global neighbors and encourage prayers for the advancement of Mattie’s Cause, for living a devotional life, and for the realization and celebration of God’s purpose within and among all global neighbors and communities.

Devotional Life

Mattie was a young child and teen when he received and shared messages of hope and peace, both from God and from his own heart. The Guild encourages all people to learn more about Mattie’s life and the messages he shared, but offers special materials for youth, families, and educators as they seek to live a devotional life.

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