This page offers options for: 

 — Donating to support the work of the Guild

 — Becoming a member of the Guild

 — Sharing your “Mattie Reflections” and Statements of Support for the Cause

 — Linking to materials by Mattie or about Mattie,
      and resources & actvities that support and 
      further the work of the Guild
      (books, prayer cards, inspiration cards,
       spiritual cards, Guild cards,
       events, Masses, symposiums, gatherings, etc…)

Financial Support

Donating to support Mattie’s Cause  

  • Your financial donations support the work of Mattie’s Guild, as they gather and organize materials by and to and about Mattie J.T. Stepanek.
  • You donations support the cost of the Canon Law postulator who reviews and prepares the information to present to the Church. 
  • Your donations support the cost of events, activities, and resources created and offered by Mattie’s Guild that provide information about Mattie’s life and writings, and offer children and adults opportunities to gather and grow in purpose, and to share in Mattie’s ongoing peace ministry.




—> Tax-deductible checks may be mailed to:
      Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild
      ATTN: Donation for Cause
      PO Box 674
      Kensington, MD 20895



Prayer & Membership Support


Becoming a member of the Guild 



Attitude to Action Support


Materials, Resources, and Activities 

  • Coming soon… links to information and materials by Mattie or about Mattie…
  • Coming soon… links to materials that support and further the work of the Guild (books, prayer cards, inspiration cards, spiritual cards, Guild cards, etc…)



“Statements of Support” (Reflections)


 Sharing your “Mattie Reflections” and Statements of Support


A cause for sainthood
in the Catholic Church
rests on the idea
that the individual has
lived a life of heroic virtue,

namely pursuing or
choosing the good
in difficult circumstances. 



All are Welcome to Share

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild welcomes
“Mattie Reflections” and Statements of Support from
people of all ages, abilities, nationalities, and faiths. 

  • Those who directly knew Mattie J.T. Stepanek
    are asked  to share their specific remembrances of how he lived a holy life.
  • Those who knew or know of Mattie through
    his media appearances, writings, or public ministry
    are invited to share their experience of his holiness.
  • ALL are nvited to share reflections and statements on
    how knowing Mattie or knowing about him has inspired them to live as a better person and led them to a closer relationship with God.

Simply follow the three steps below and share how
knowing Mattie, or knowing 
about him,
has inspired you to live as a better person,
and/or led you to a closer relationship with God.


  • How did/do you know Mattie?
    Is there a quote or a conversation, an experience or appearance that is memorable and meaningful?
  • Prayerfully and carefully reflecton your remembrance and share the most important facts.


  • A statement does not need to be long, but it does need to specific.
    Statements may be hand-written or typed, but they must be signed by person sharing information.
  • A reflection or statementis most effective when
    specific dates, locations, conversations, and other details are shared.
  • Offering specific information about something Mattie said or did
    – and how that has inspired or impacted or changed you – is most helpful to the Guild.
  • It is suggested that you number each paragraph or line so that it is more easily cited by the Guild.

Reach Out

  • Please end/close your statement with this phrase:
    ‘I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true.’
  • IMPORTANT: Sign your name AND write your name AND date the document,  AND please give us a way to contact you (address / phone / email).
  • Please mail paper/print copies of reflections and statements to

Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild
PO Box 674, Kensington, MD 20895

“Sharing Mattie Reflections / Statements” Guidelines


Thank you for lifting up Mattie’s Cause for Sainthood 
with your reflection and testimony statement.

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