We must do more than pray. We must meditate on being faithful. 
And we must share our faithfulness with others.”

                – Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Reflections for Holy Week 
“Ponder, Praise, and Prayer”

Excerpts from the
1999 Lenten meditation
booklet offered by
Mattie J.T. Stepanek
1990 – 2004

What you are about to read are the private reflections of a boy, age 7 and 8, speaking to God as a friend.  

Mattie’s life had many challenges – constant health issues, daily struggles with his rare form of muscular dystrophy, financial burdens and more – but his Catholic faith, nurtured by his mother, Jeni, and enriched at Holy Rosary Church in Rosaryville, Maryland, kept him rooted in the Lord.  

He accomplished a great deal in his “almost 14 years” on earth.  He published six bestselling books of poetry and one bestselling book on peacemaking. During his many television, radio, and print media interviews, Mattie spoke with authority and conviction, championing what he learned as a Catholic.

Through his writings and speeches and his everyday conversations and interactions, Mattie reminded youth and adults, and families and leaders, 
that hope is realpeace is possiblelife is worthy, and prayer is powerful.  

Mattie’s lasting gift to us is his belief that we all have what he called a Heartsong – a special purpose and “reason for being” given to us by God. His life especially inspires children and teens to accept their personal challenges as they uncover their own Heartsong in their daily walk with God.

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To read excerpts from Mattie’s Lenten meditations

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