Seasonal Themes and Activities


The seasonal themes on this page
are rooted in a poem, prayer, or passage offered by Mattie.
Information about Mattie’s life and the message will be shared
to provide insight and context about the theme and Mattie’s words.
In addition, suggested conversation and discussion tips and
activity ideas for youth and adults, families and schools,
communities and leaders and other global neighbors will be included
to support individuals and groups as they explore and
“Reflect, Respond, and Reach Out” with the theme.

If you or your community would like to share
feedback or samples of your conversations and activities —
in the form of artwork, poetry, prayers, photographs,
videos, or other representative materials,
we welcome such gifts and may share them in a new
section on this website being created for this purpose.
— please visit our CONTACT page here
— or e-mail
— or send materials to
     The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild
     PO Box 674, Kensington, MD 20895


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“Your Reflections & Responses”


February —“Love”

February Theme Message  —
Offered by Jeni Stepanek, PhD (“Mattie’s mom”)
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Reflect, Respond, Reach Out Tips — 

Conversation and Activity Suggestions
for youth and adults, families and communities
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  combined double-sided theme page 
(Message & RRR Tips) — CLICK HERE



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