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The messages on this page
are reflections from different Guild directors,
as well as updates from Guild members about
spirituals activities, events, prayers, and news
relevant to the Guild and the process of Mattie’s Cause.

Some of the messages may also include
reposting or updates to older news and information,
such as past interviews, videos, and other events.

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that you would like the Guild
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Understanding the difference:
“Mattie’s GUILD” and

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek GUILD

  • is a (soon to be) non-profit organization with a spiritual mission
  • of gathering information, materials, and reflections by and about Mattie
  • to advance his Cause of Canonization (possible sainthood)
  • so that his heroic virtues might be formally recognized by the Catholic Church
  • enabling him to serve as a more visible source of inspiration and intercession for generations to come.
  • To learn more about the Guild Founders, Directors, Advisors, and Members — CLICK HERE…
  • To learn more about Mattie’s Cause of Canonization
    — explore the Guild’s website here… 

The Mattie J.T. Stepanek FOUNDATION

  • is a different non-profit organization with a global mission
  • of sharing Mattie’s messages of Heartsongs and purpose
  • to ensure that the pathways of hope and peace that Mattie offered are available and accessible to global neighbors
  • through activities, events, materials, and programs created to support diverse global neighbors in
  • recognizing the importance of tending to basic human needs and building community and in
  • understanding how the power of deliberate choices in attitude and action can move peace from “possibility to reality” for individuals and for our world.
  • To learn more about Mattie’s peace mission
    — explore the Foundation’s website here… 



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