Mattie J.T. Stepanek Guild

2022 Memorial Mass for 18th Anniversary of Mattie’s Death at St. Rose of Lima Parish, Gaithersburg Maryland

Thank you, Fr. Agustin Mateo Ayala and your wonderful staff, for helping to arrange such a powerful Mass.

Who was the ‘Mattie behind the fame’? He was a child with deep love and reverence for the Sacraments, especially Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation.

Fr. Mateo offered a deeply felt homily sharing how he ‘met’ Mattie through Mattie’s writings. “His message sounds in my heart – his Heartsong – is just that: we have direction, we have purpose, we know – we are here – what for, why were we created … Mattie, as young as he was, he accepted his call for holiness.”

“If you really read his books, you cannot stay the same. If you do, then, I don’t know. If you read those books and they do not touch your heart, if you are not moved and change the way you live life then it’s better to not read them. He wrote what he believed. He lived by it,” preached Fr. Mateo.

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